What We Do

At Grand Rapids Screen Printing, we practice both automatic and manual printing methods.  The automatic printing process enables us to deliver large quantity orders with an extremely fast turn around time on our Grand Rapids T Shirts.  Manual printing is most commonly used for small quanity orders.  Check out the videos below to see each process in action!


Grand Rapids Screen Printing has it all in the name. When it comes to our client’s needs, we are dedicated to the creation of screen printed t-shirts and other popular items. Our custom t-shirts are a perfect combination of artistic talent and creativity. With your ideas and our experience, your band or business will never look better!

We strive to meet the demands of the screen printing industry. Using both automatic and manual presses for our screen printing jobs, no job is too big or too small for us. For our larger orders, we prefer to use the automatic press as it gets the job done in half the time of the manual press. For smaller orders, we typically use the manual press. We have developed an efficient system that ensures our clients receive their products in a timely manner and are completely satisfied with the outcome.

We have a very well-rounded and talented team that produces high quality products. It doesn’t matter how much screen printing you require, all of our clients get the same great attention and services. With our state of the art equipment, t-shirts with your logo or design is no problem. Our fearless leader, Mikey Sabo, has over ten years of experience in the screen printing business and is constantly looking for new techniques and technologies to utilize.

Thank you for visiting the website of Grand Rapids Screen Printing! We hope that you find our company to have the kind of Grand Rapids screenprinting services you are looking for. We are happy to consult with you and discuss any ideas and special needs you have. We offer reasonable pricing with exceptional services, guaranteed.